Team up

The frustration of freelancing

Freelancing is a lonely business, and your ability to land clients is often limited by your own skills. Having a partner with a complementary skill set allows freelancers to increase the number of services they can offer, land bigger clients, and grow revenues.

For example, a PPC freelancer may find that partnering with a web developer to be advantageous. The partnership allows the freelancer to offer clients a full service package (PPC services along with landing pages) versus just executing PPC programs.

For many freelancers, this seems like a logical next step in their business. Add more services, appear bigger to prospective clients, and grow bigger as a result.

What makes for a good partnership?

The best partnerships are formed when each partner has a core skill that the other

a) can’t do or

b) doesn’t want to do. But it's not as simple as just picking someone with complementary skills.

It is about truly unpacking what each partner can bring to the business relationship.

Stepping outside of comfort zones to fulfill partnership roles

Hiring a great business development person is very difficult. That is why one of the freelancers will need to focus on this area if they want the business to succeed.

Why is that? Because it is easier (and more profitable) to hire someone focused on delivering services when the revenue is already booked. It is the best thing for a business.